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Protected Lab

Protected Lab is an initiative founded by the local government of Los Angeles, CA. This app will serve as a tool to empower and inform small business owners of cyber threats that could directly impact them.

The 2 main features of Protected Lab are:
1. Inform the user of relevant cyber threats.
2. Examine suspicious emails that small business owners may receive and forward to Protected Lab, once the emails have been examined the Protected Lab will send the findings back to the user through the app.

The development process was:

1) Familiarization with the product

  • reading the Technical Requirements.
  • defining the scope of work.
  • setting the number of screens.

Usually I share my experience with a customer on this stage. Also I try to provide some ideas to improve the product logic and to suggest any features if they make sense.

2) Designing first screens.

I can provide either one option or several ones. It normally depends on how clearly I get the product. Also if a customer provides a moodboard it helps me to guess the style of the design on the first try.

3) Working with the rest of the screens.

Usually I have a lot of screens to work on. In this case, I split the scope of screens on several stages. As soon as the first part of the design is approved by the customer, it gets to the second one. This way I have a well- arranged process and can’t be confused among all screens.

Also, I strive to do a clickable prototype in order to avoid logical mistakes. A customer can see how it works in real life, so they are not surprised with the final outcome