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Lana BStar

The customer does women’s haircolor in a high-end salon and focuses on creating dimensional, California inspired blondes looks on clientele.

The target audience is a woman between 35-55 who likes to be blonde, she likely grew up in California (but now lives in elsewhere and misses CA and tries to recreate it in her style and easy cool vibe), cares about being sophisticated, timeless, feminine and trendy– but not edgy. This client is affluent, college-educated, most likely married with kids, and appreciates fine craftsmanship in all her belongings. She owns a cool, trendy leather Chloe handbag, but also has the Louis Vuitton tote bag all the other women/moms her age have as well. She vacations in Palm Springs and Hawaii with her husband and children over the holidays.

This client admires the celebrity style of Kristin Cavallari and Jules Hough and loves the styling and vibe for the company Uncommon James and Uncommon James Home.

You will likely find this target market at a barre fitness class or spin fitness class in their spare time, and they like to unwind at night by drinking a glass of wine while shopping on sites like Shopbop, Intermix, Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus while a E! reality show plays in the background.

Being inspired by this information, I defined the tags: sophisticated, minimalistic, timeless, simple, easy to read, because the brand has a bit difficult structure. I knew for sure that it has to be some not curvy font with a little twist. I provided 3 option, mostly played around the “B” letter. But the logo with small star in the middle won the customer over.