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Gemma logo and brand identity

Gemma is a wellbeing brand. It offers personal, transformational coaching, yoga classes and wellbeing retreats for spiritual and personal growth.

Through these practices, Gemma leads people back to their essential nature of mind where they find true bliss and where their mind opens up to the infinite creative potential of pure being.

Gemma works with all from CEOs, artist, professionals to stay at home mums, the freer they are from life’s and society’s conditioning to dance to the pulse of people own rhythm, the more connected to life they will feel.

It is about helping them to find the seed of life again by firstly understanding their nature of the mind, then from this space creating endless opportunities and seeing the connection of all things.

I needed to connect three parts of the harmony idea: mind, body and breath. I imagined them as three triangles in the hexagon. Letter “G” has a suitable shape to become a triangle as well. As a result, I got a harmonious logo, which contains the whole worldview the customer has.