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Ally Brand development

Ally is an innovative skincare brand which combines topical skincare products with nutricosmetics in order to tackle skincare concerns from both the outside AND the inside. Ally is an alliance between femininity and science.
Business model
Value Proposition: – Target skin from both in and out for longer lasting and better results; – Convenience: pre-determined packs with products that are designed to work together; – Newness: Linking beauty/skincare to biohacking (biology, science, technology) & Tech; – Customization: making it personal by helping customers to make the good choices depending on their lifestyles and health (by using apps and technology).
Customer Segments – Women, 35-55 years old: – Wanting to have good looking/healthy skin; – Interested in their health; – Wanting to look good/young/feel confident; – Looking for long-lasting results and innovation
Though there are similar brands in the international market, offering biohacking skincare solutions that combine supplements and skincare, the large majority of competitors position themselves as either too medical/research-based or too feminine, lacking the in-depth research part.
The brand approach is slightly similar – either towards science or towards natural ingredients There is a need in the market of reacting a link between very rational elements and emotional ones, between science and femininity.
The Challenge:
Since the brand Ally includes many directions for both scientific and psychological areas, the challenge was to cover all these directions and  combine science/tech with femininity and make a brand that is still attractive for our feminine customers.
Brand Decision:
Skincare products cover emotional part of women. Women discuss their appearance, beauty is lifestyle. There are many emotional goals around self care, that is why Skincare products takes their own beige color. 
Supplements cover health. There are huge scientific developments in order to research how to keep youth, how to maintain a good mood and a mental purity. How to keep women beauty not only outside, but also inside. Supplements has their own green color. 
Since the brand is about combination of Beauty and Health, 
the brand decision is to use a gradient color from Skincare (beige) to Supplement (green)